Medicine in the 21st century: IT as a «magic bullet»?

16 March 2012, Bern (SNF, Wildhainweg 21)

Recent technological advances have revolutionised genome and proteome analyses of individual patients. This progress paves the way for future development and improvement of individualised (or personalised) medicine.

For this vision to become reality, vast amounts of digitalized personal data must be collected and analysed, for which an automated exchange of data and highly developed information technology will be necessary. The EU-Flagship-project «IT Future of Medicine» aims to develop the necessary knowledge and technology. The final goal is to create digital models of individual patients (the «virtual patient»), which can be used by physicians to suggest the best possible medical treatment.

On 16 March 2012, the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences held a conference where the Swiss scientific community was informed about the project as well as about the general impact of IT on modern medicine and the possible reconstruction of the patient as an individual but virtual model. The presentatios of the speakers are available as pdf-files below.


Flagship event-series of the swiss-academies

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