Prix Média and Media Promotion Prizes

Preisverleihung 2017

Prix Média 2017
The Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences encourage dialogue between science and society. In this dialogue, journalists have an important role to play by critically analysing complex subjects and by processing them for the wider public. With various prizes the academies would like to honour and promote journalistic work.

The Prix Média is annually awarded and endowed with 5,000 Swiss Francs to honour a scientific media product. In addition, with the Prix Média Newcomer, the academies promote the work of a young journalist (aged 32 or younger) also with 5,000 Swiss Francs annually. Young journalists applying for the Prix Média are automatically considered for the Prix Média Newcomer too.

The Media Promotion Prizes are awarded to honour relevance and originality of planned scientific journalism projects. In collaboration with the magazine REPORTAGEN, the Academies support in-depth inquiries and reportages. For this purpose 22,500 Swiss Francs are available.

The award ceremony will take place at Lucerne in late autumn in collaboration with the Swiss journalist school MAZ.


Shortlist Prix Média und Prix Média Newcomer 2017

Helga Rietz, Die Vermessung der Nachtruhe, NZZ, 2.12.2016 (Artikel)
Jean-Daniel Bohnenblust, Sophie Gabus, Poisons, venins, toxines: les animaux qui soignent, RTS "36.9°", 26.10.2016. (Online)
Alessandro Staehli, Voyage au centre de la terre, La Salamandre, Oktober 2016 (Dossier) (Prix Média Newcomer)
Anatol Hug, Stephan Hille, Andrea Meier, Die Kraft der Musik, SRF "Einstein", 18.5.2017 (Online)
Emmanuel Haddad, Adrienne Surprenant, Terre de réfugiés de guerre, (Dossier, Prix Média Newcomer)
François Jeannet, Jacqueline Dubuis, Vieillir ? Jamais sans mon robot, RTS "36.9°", 1.2.2017 (Online)

Preisverleihung: 23. Oktober 2017, Luzern, 17.30 Uhr bis ca. 18.45 Uhr
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Wissenschaftsjournalismus: Watchdog oder Trüffelhund für die Forschung?

Die Akademien der Wissenschaften verleihen am 23. Oktober 2017 in Luzern den Prix Média und den Prix Média Newcomer. Am Anlass unter dem Titel «Wissenschaftsjournalismus: Watchdog oder Trüffelhund der Forschung?» hält der Wissenschaftsjournalist Edwin Cartlidge eine Keynote zum Thema. Moderiert von Daniel Puntas Bernet diskutieren die Preisträgerinnen und Preisträger zusammen mit Edwin Cartlidge.

Erstmals findet der Anlass in Zusammenarbeit mit der Schweizer Journalistenschule MAZ in Luzern und mit Unterstützung von und statt.

Conditions of participation Prix Média and Prix Média Newcomer

Awarded with the Prix Média and the Prix Média Newcomer is the outstanding journalistic and technical quality of a scientific media product, primarily addressing a lay audience and published in a medium that comes out regularly in Switzerland.

Application deadline: Wednesday, 31 May 2017
Media products published between 16 June 2016 and 31 May 2017 are considered for participation.


Conditions of participation Media Promotion Prizes

The Media Promotion Prizes are awarded to project ideas leading to research and to a media product. The publication in a Swiss medium should be attempted and mentioned in the application form. Selection criteria are the relevance and the originality of the project idea and the scientific potential of the applicant.


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