Rise of Sentient Machines? Robot Companions for Citizens

A discussion on the flagship project «Robot Companions for Citizens» 22 May, 2012, Berne

In the framework of a series of conferences organized by the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences on the European Commission’s Flagship Initiative, the Swiss Centre for Technology Assessment TA-SWISS will present the project «Robot companions for citizens». RoboCom aims to develop a new class of «gentle and sentient machines» designed to assist human society in facing challenges like population ageing and increasing urbanization.

RoboCom is a unique multidisciplinary science and engineering program looking to develop machines which integrate perception, emotion and action with a contextual awareness of self, others and the environment. It also poses a fundamental question: Can welfare in an ageing society be sustained without such machines?

We cordially invite scientists of all fields, decision makers, media representatives as well as the interested public to follow a presentation of the RoboCom flagship candidate by two of the leading scientists involved in the project as well as to reflect the proposed novel approach towards machines and how to deploy them in society from an ethical, legal and sociological point of view.  The conference will be held in English.

Flagship event-series of the swiss-academies

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