Guardian Angels for a Smarter Life – innovations enabled by Zero-Power technologies

A discussion on the flagship project «Guardian Angels for a Smarter Life» 17 April, 2012, Zurich (ETHZ)

Guardian Angels are a network of intelligent Zero-Power nano sensors that measure the vital signs of our body and ensure our safety and health. They are autonomous, easy to use, and they guide us through all stages of life – from taking care of child needs to ensuring safety of seniors.

This is an appealing and convincing vision. However, turning it into reality requires focused research activities in various different fields. For instance, in the fields of energy harvesting, sensors and interfaces, wireless communication, miniaturization, low power electronics, energy storage, and 3D integration of various materials. A number of exciting new technologies will need to be developed.

This conference aims to inform the Swiss scientific community about the Guardian Angels project and to provide elements of answers to related questions. The day should help to form an opinion on the fascinating challenges and the potential impact of this endeavour.

The organizers welcome scientists of all fields, press representatives and interested decision makers. The conference will be held in English.


Flagship event-series of the swiss-academies

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